Elements of Learning at Charter School K-6 in Gilbert AZ

Education is important for a child’s success in life. It is with this in mind that a high degree of care and consideration should be given to children’s educations. Charter Schools K-6 in Gilbert AZ, offer conducive learning environments for students; one that has been structured in a systematic manner. While it is expected that most children start education at pre-school, not all will have had this opportunity. As such, transitional kindergarten programs are offered for children between four and five years.

These programs allow them to develop their oral language and listening skills, which are core skills in learning. In addition, they discover their emotional and motor skills along with phonemic awareness, which are crucial skills that will allow them to cope with the demands of kindergarten and other levels of learning. These are, however, offered as half-day programs to allow children to adapt slowly.

Kindergarten programs are offered for children above the age of five years. These programs often require children to be able to count up to twenty and recognize basic letters and sounds. In addition, children are required to be able to write their first names. In this stage, these skills are developed further to prepare students for the challenges of literary learning. Reading skills are vital because they have a great effect on student interest and adherence to modern learning systems. As such, this skill is practiced and enhanced from kindergarten all the way to third grade to ensure that only those who can read are allowed to join the fourth grade.

Writing skills are commonly developed and emphasized in fourth grade. Students are encouraged to creatively express their thoughts on paper. In addition, math, science, social studies and physical education is also taught. A focus on science studies is generally increased as children progress to the fifth and sixth grade. In addition, greater emphasis is placed on physical education with a focus on weight and height averages among students in school. Students in Charter School K-6 in Gilbert AZ are also prepared for higher level of learning by being exposed to multiple teachers in a single school day. Contact ALA Schools for further information on how learning is structured to ensure your child gets only the best education.




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