Electronic Lock System Central In El Paso TX Is Easier Than Hard Keys

Homes and businesses are quickly switching to an Electronic Lock System Central in El Paso TX. A business no longer has to rekey their entire building when an individual leaves. All they need to do is deactivate the card the employee has possession of. Lost keys won’t get into the wrong hands and require every lock in the building to be changed.

Years ago, an individual had to contact the manufacturer of the car to receive an additional key to access their car. Card and keyless electronic systems save time and money in the long run.

Business Systems

A card for an electronic lock system is difficult to make a copy of. A hard key is easier to make at a store. Disgruntled employees won’t have a chance to return after their card has been deactivated into a secure building. It’s time-consuming for employees to carry around a large bunch of keys and determine which key will fit which door.

An Electronic Lock System Central in El Paso TX shows which cards accessed a door at all times. Not only can a company manage the security of their building, but they can also determine where employees are in the building and if they arrived on time.

Inventory And Audit

For a larger company, maintaining the inventory of keys to each employee is difficult. A minor error or problem could trigger an audit from the legal department of the business.

No Pins

Employees do not need to remember a pin to enter the doors. The card slides through a reader that releases the lock on the door. Using pins to access areas does not allow a company to take the pin back. Once the pin is given from one employee to another, it allows the second employee to access areas they may not normally have permission to be in.

Homes and businesses can benefit from an electronic lock system. There is never a need to hide a key under the mat, planter, or rock to gain access into a building or home. Contact Pop-A-Lock El Paso if you’re interested in the installation of an electronic lock system or require any locksmith work performed.

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