Electrical Home Protection in Bonita Springs Florida

Many homes have expensive appliances, computer systems, and advanced electronics like 4K TV sets. It is important that your electronics be properly protected. You want to make sure that your electrical system is properly grounded. Professionals also recommend that you have a whole-house surge protector.

What is a whole-house surge protector?

In the most basic terms, a whole-house surge protector keeps your appliances from experiencing excess current flow from voltage spikes. Electrical surges can occur from outside lightning storms, the voltage from downed utility lines, or internal surges from malfunctioning appliances. The surge protector acts as a stop-gap by relieving the pressure off the system. Contact a technician from electrical services Bonita Springs FL today.

Where is It Installed?

The whole-house surge protector is installed next to your electrical box for maximum protection. Moreover, the whole-house surge protector must be properly grounded or it will not function properly.

Can I Do It Myself?

A professional technical comes to your home to install the whole-house surge protector. Electrical Services Bonita Springs FL has certified technicians. The entire process will take approximately two hours. The certified technician will make sure the electrical wiring in your home is absent of defects and that the entire system is grounded to prevent damages to your electronics.

What Types of Electronics are Protected?

Electronics with microprocessors are sensitive to electrical power surges. Sophisticated items like smart refrigerators, whole-house entertainment systems, and central air and heating are protected with the whole-house surge protector.

Contact Us for Assistance

KDC Electric Maintenance Repair Inc. has certified technicians who can repair and maintain your electrical system inside your home or business. We are reasonable and affordable. Contact us today at www.electriciannaples.com. Our experienced professionals will make sure your property’s electrical wiring system is in compliance with current safety codes.

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