Eight Things the Best Dentist Says Damages Your Teeth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But to keep the Best Dentist away, you should avoid certain foods and products. Most people already know that sugary foods and drinks are bad for hygiene, but which ones? This short article will help answer that question.

  • Dried fruit

. While dried fruits are rich in nutrients and good sugars, those things are converted into acids by bacteria in your saliva. When these are adhered to teeth, they prevent saliva from neutralizing them, thus raising the risk of calcium deficiency.

  • Lemon

. As lemon is highly acidic, chewing or sucking the juice could weaken the enamel.

  • Juice

. Sugary juices are usually high in sugar, even if they say that they have no added sugar. If you must have juice, try drinking your daily dose with a straw, which will help remove the liquid from your teeth.

  • Sports drinks

. Not only are these beverages high in carbohydrates, but the sweet liquid can adhere to teeth much longer than other drinks. In dental health, the Best Dentist will tell you that plain water is the best drink.

  • Cookies, candy, and sodas

. Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay. It is well-known that sugary foods should be avoided if you want healthy teeth.

  • Bread and cereals

. Starchy foods also play an important role in tooth decay. When starches mix with amylase, an enzyme in saliva, it forms an acid bath that erodes enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay. It may even cause bleeding gums. If the starch remain in the mouth for an extended amount of time, the damage increases.

  • Coffee

. All acids alter the pH of the mouth, causing cavities. Sugar associated with caffeine is the primary aggressor. This means that all drinks containing caffeine (energy drinks and sweetened coffees, teas, etc.), are great conveyors of caries.

  • Muffins and cupcakes

. Small snacks have disastrous effects on your teeth. Three hours is usually the amount of time the mouth has to change the pH, and it is also the time during which bacteria is free to create plaque and attack the enamel of your teeth. To prevent these disastrous effects, you have the choice of drinking a glass of water, brushing your teeth, chewing sugarless gum, and/or using a good mouthwash.

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