Effectively Dealing with Bed Bugs in Harford County

Once a home has been infected with bed bugs, getting rid of them can be difficult. This is because the tiny bugs don’t confine themselves to the bed. If the problem is allowed to progress, the Bed Bugs in Harford County can end up in clothing, carpeting, and even in the window treatments. The best approach is to call in the professionals to help with the issue.

Starting At the Root of the Problem

Many extermination companies have experience with bed bugs. They will have the resources needed to clean carpeting, mattresses, and even window treatments so that all traces of the bugs are eliminated. In the case of the mattress, the professional can also seal the mattress in an airtight covering. This is important, since the cleaning process may not reach any eggs that have been laid in the middle of the mattress. With the cover firmly in place, any bed bugs that hatch later will be unable to escape and will die without causing a new infestation.

Cleaning Clothing

Along with treating carpeting and other materials that won’t fit in a washing machine, a professional can also provide cleaning agents that can be used to remove any Bed Bugs in Harford County that have gotten into clothing, bed linens, and even bed pillows. Those agents can be used along with hot water to wash those items and get rid of the problem. The result is that no one in the home will find themselves itching from the small bites administered by these types of pests.

Follow Up After the Initial Treatment

A reputable service like Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. will also arrange to visit the home a week or so after the initial treatment. The goal is to determine if there are still any bed bugs that may be lurking in closets, on clothing, or possibly some other area of the home. In most cases, there will be no activity and the home will be declared free from these pests. If any small amount of activity is located, it can be treated on the spot. There is no need to face the prospect of bed bugs alone. A professional can take care of the problem quickly and easily. That will make it all the easier for everyone to go to bed and rest easy knowing that they are not sharing their spaces with unwelcome guests.

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