Effective Chronic Pain Management with Hypnosis

Using hypnosis for chronic pain management in Nanaimo, BC, helps individuals use their minds and thoughts to manage physical symptoms. Pain therapists focus on the mind-body relationship, then use therapies and treatments to facilitate and alleviate pain. Here are some of the stages of hypnosis and some of its benefits.

Four Stages of Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

In most instances, there are four stages of hypnosis used for managing pain. These include:

  • Induction to allow the individual to get focused

  • Deepening to help the person’s body relax

  • Suggestions to change the individual’s pain experience

  • Debriefing to go back over what has happened

There are also a variety of approaches a therapist might use that go beyond these four stages. For instance, in hypnosis for chronic pain management in Nanaimo, BC, the focus may either be to shift the individual’s focus away from pain or to change the sensation they are feeling from pain to something else. Hypnosis can also explore underlying causes of chronic pain, such as unresolved feelings or motivations influencing the pain.

Another technique
hypnosis for chronic pain management in Nanaimo, BC, might include is hypnoanalgesia. This strategy replaces analgesic with hypnosis during surgery to reduce pain, nausea, vomiting and how long the patient is in the hospital. This is often used in well-controlled environments.

Benefits for Using Hypnosis for Managing Pain

Research is beginning to show evidence of how effective hypnosis is for managing both acute and chronic pain. Of course, it helps alleviate pain, but it can have many other benefits. Evidence is starting to suggest hypnosis may also be able to:

  • Influence the ill effects of the pain instead of just the sensation of it

  • Can be more effective than traditional treatments used for chronic pain

  • Can save money and time for both the individual and clinicians, providing hypnosis works for the person

  • Might be able to reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve anxiety, improve mood

  • Can be used to improve the effectiveness of other pain management treatments

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