Effective Ant Control in Broken Arrow, OK is Possible

There are many species of ants and each has their own quirks that makes them unwelcome house guests. Many damage landscapes with their ant hills, some are destructive to property as they burrow through wood and others are just nuisances that seem to arrive suddenly and are nearly impossible to eliminate. Proper ant control in Broken Arrow OK makes a home and yard less appealing to these frustrating creatures.

Seal the Home

Caulking around windows and sealing up and cracks in the exterior of the house are good steps to cutting back their numbers. Eliminate any rotted or wet wood around the home. Carpenter ants seek out this type of wood to set up their households, and they can decimate slightly damaged porches, door frames and support beams quickly.

Clean the Kitchen

Food debris, no matter how small, is a welcome sign to ants. Always wipe counters, store food in sealed containers and rinse out dishes before setting them in the sink. When ants discover a continuous food supply, they take the news back to their colony and bring along reinforcements the next time they visit.

Tend the Yard

Keep compost piles and garbage cans away from the home. Make certain the yard is maintained and healthy. Thick grass makes building an ant hill difficult and they will usually avoid these yards for bare spots elsewhere.

Use Natural Ingredients

There are a number of natural foods and spices ants dislike. Sprinkling cayenne pepper around the yard or using vinegar, peppermint oil or used coffee grounds around the perimeter of the home may help. These are all deterrents to ants and are safe for most pets and people. Cayenne pepper can sting the eyes or irritate the paw pads of curious pets, so avoid applying this to areas where pets roam.

It is possible to curb the number of ants visiting a home or yard, but it is difficult to eliminate them entirely with these simple methods. A pest removal service helps to avoid the need to cover cupboards and counter tops with ant traps. Ant Control in Broken Arrow OK is possible with an annual visit from an exterminator along with sensible deterrent methods like these. This is the easiest and most effective way to prevent ants from infesting a home or yard. Visit American Services Inc to learn more or to schedule an inspection.

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