Education is the Key to Choosing Countertops in Renton, WA.

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Countertop Store

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Many factors will influence your choice when you replace your kitchen countertops in Renton, WA. Much depends upon you, your preferences as to color, pattern and appearance as well as your cooking and entertaining habits, and overall decor. Learning about the attributes of each type of surface will help determine which of the Countertops in Renton, WA is right for you.

Don’t choose your Countertops in Renton, WA. on the basis of appearance alone. The countertop must suit your lifestyle. Use the information below as a guide, and visit an up-scale show room such as Tile Lines to experience first hand all the available materials.


  • Porosity. Porous surfaces, such as natural stone, stain more readily than less porous surfaces such as stainless steel.
  • Scratch resistance. Countertops receive a lot of knife impressions, and some surfaces are more scratch resistant than others. Granite does not scratch easily; wood does. However it is easy to sand and oil (basically resurfacing) a wood countertop whereas doing this with stone would be more difficult.
  • Durability. Honestly assess the wear and tear your new countertop is likely to receive. If you’re a single person or couple who works and eats out frequently, your counters will not receive anywhere near the wear that a homeschooling family of ten would give them. If you know in advance that your countertops will take a beating, it makes sense to plan for this from the beginning.

Popular choices are popular for good reasons. Granite is the most popular choice. It comes in a number of colors – blacks, greens, tans, whites – and each piece is unique. Granite is finished either to a high gloss or to a matte finish. The cost of granite varies according to its type, origin, and color. Other stones such as soapstone and marble are well liked, but they take more maintenance than granite. Engineered stone is more durable than natural, and easier to maintain.

Concrete is growing in popularity, comes in different finishes and colors but is easily damaged by abrupt temperature changes and must be resealed every few months. Wood is a perennial favorite and can be refinished as needed. Laminate is the most affordable and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Each choice has its pros and cons – the key to making the correct choice for you is matching your lifestyle to the surface that will best serve your needs!