Ease Your Pain with Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis

A car accident can be a very frightful event. Even minor accidents can cause serious injuries. Sometimes, these injuries are not apparent right away. The shock from the accident can often mask the signs of injuries. Later, however, symptoms, such as neck pain or dizziness, can occur. This could be signs of whiplash. Whiplash is the most common injury from car accidents. Whiplash can occur even in accidents at very low speed. At the first sign of an injury after an accident, you should seek care immediately. Ignoring the pain and symptoms can lead to further pain and complications.

After the initial treatment at a hospital or doctor’s office, you can determine the extent of your injuries. Your doctor can help you recover from many types of injuries. However, injuries from a car accident can cause lingering pain and issues. Often, it is hard to tell the extent of soft tissue damage from X-rays and other diagnostic equipment. Although the pain may be present, your doctor may not be able to see a specific cause for the problem. This is often the case with whiplash and other strains to muscles and nerves. This is when you need specific Car Accident Injuries Treatment St Louis.

Many times, a doctor will prescribe pain medication to relieve the pain, however, this only masks the underlying problem. A chiropractor can help to repair the soft tissue damage that has occurred. Facilities, such as the Back And Neck Care Center, are experienced in Car Accident Injuries Treatment St Louis. They can identify the problem and begin treatment for your pain. The friendly staff will go over all of your medical records to understand the source of your pain. They will then give you a complete examination to identify the exact cause for your pain. From there, a treatment plan will be designed for you. Depending on your injury, your plan will consist of muscle stimulation, adjustments or manipulations to joints and vertebrae, and/or therapeutic exercise. They will provide you with the best care possible for your specific injury. This will get you back to living a pain free life.

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