E Cig Juice, Drip Tips and Cartomizers: How Anti-smoking Campaigns Have Created a Whole new Vocabulary

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Electronic Cigarettes

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Tobacco has a lengthy history in the United States and has been a profitable industry for everyone involved from farmers to retailers. Over the last couple of decades, finding a place to smoke legally has become consistently more difficult. For anti-smoking advocates, it seems obvious; smoking is unhealthy, so everyone should quit.

But many smokers rebelled. As the unsuccessful period of prohibition in the early twentieth century proved, people like to do what they enjoy. Smoking fits that description. This is the reason for the development of e-cigarettes.

What are e-cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes are a method of using an E cig juice or fluid in a dispenser, often shaped like a traditional cigarette. This liquid generally contains nicotine, although the formulas can vary, and uses an aerosol to mimic the look of smoke while an atomizer heats the fluid allowing it to be inhaled as a vapor.

Why are they so popular?
There are many reasons why e-cigs have become popular. Because they are shaped like a cigarette and provide nicotine, they can help to alleviate cravings and reduce the need for a traditional cigarette. E-cigs can be pricey to purchase initially, but once the basic equipment is purchased, refills are much less expensive that cigarettes.

They emit a milder odor, if any at all, and reduce secondhand smoke risks. They are more acceptable to use inside, preventing the need to stand in the rain or cold, making them much more relaxing and enjoyable than lighting up a tobacco cigarette.

Are they safer?
So far all studies have shown e-cigs to be safer than traditional cigarettes. They contain less chemicals, emit only vapor rather than smoke and present no risk at all to bystanders. Unlike a cigarette with a flame, they are also not a fire risk. For people who are trying to break the cigarette habit, e-cigs have a far smaller potential of side effects compared to prescription medications doctors prescribe to help kick the habit.

Electronic cigarettes may not be the solution for every smokers, but millions are enjoying not just the product but the culture around the product. With plenty of unique and interesting gear, multiple flavors of E cig juice and the possibility of remaining healthy while enjoying a smoke, many are discovering the pleasures of the e-cigarette. Visit thevaporium.com for details.

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