Durable Roofing Solutions Include Wind-Resistant Shingles and Metal Roofs

Roofing experts recommend that home-owners have their roof inspected at least once a year after the harshest season. In Ohio, that usually means that home-owners hire a roofing contractor in the spring to look for any damage from winter storms. If the contractor repeatedly finds many missing or damaged shingles, he may recommend that the home-owner consider using more Durable roofing solutions when they install a new roof. That may mean using shingles that are designed to withstand stronger winds or installing a metal roof.

Wind-resistant shingles can be made from the same material as other shingles. It’s the adhesive that is used on the tab that joins the shingles that make the difference to standing up to an 110 mph gust of wind. However, standing up to a few gusts of strong wind isn’t the same thing as enduring hours of lighter winds or being baked in the sun. This requires a wind-resistant shingle that is made out of heavy and stiff materials. Every shingle maker tests their wind-resistant shingles to find out the best way for a roofing contractor to attach them on to the roof. All manufacturers agree that hand nailing to preferred to stapling, when it comes to wind-resistant shingles. They differ on how many nails should be used. This information is contained in the instructions that come with the shingles. The general standard is to place nails 4 inches apart on the edge of the roof and 6 inches apart in the body of the roof.

Installing a metal roof is another one of the popular Durable roofing solutions that home-owners can utilize. In addition to standing up to high winds, hail is no match for a metal roof. In fact, the small ding that a piece of hail makes can enhance the natural pattern of the metal roof. Roofing material manufacturers have responded to this home-owner interest by creating metal roofing materials that look like traditional shingles and shakes. They also offer them in a variety of colours. It is now impossible for someone to identify a metal roof by simply looking at it. Home-owners can enjoy the look of a traditional roof and the security of a durable metal roof.

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