Dumpster in Suffolk County, NY Has the Solution for Disposing of Your Scrap Metals and Paying You For It

Many construction sites, demolition projects, and industries accumulate scrap metal as a result of their work. Often, this scrap is discarded when it could be recycled into new products. For example 42 percent of crude steel is made from metals which have been recycled. However, about 70 percent of all metal is used one time and then discarded. The remaining 30 percent is recycled into other products. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. the energy saved by using recycled steel is 56 percent. The energy saved from recycling aluminum is about 92 percent. It is 90 percent for copper.

Dumpster in Suffolk County, NY makes recycling easy because a proper size dumpster will be brought to your location and picked up on your schedule. You do not have to sort the metal. Just put it in the container and the recycling company will have the facilities to sort the metal. The following metals are in demand:

* Aluminum sheet, castings, clips and siding

* Copper No. 1 and 2

* Copper wire

* Bare Bright

* Yellow and Red Brass

* Heavy and Light Steel

* Cars

* Batteries

* Computer Boards

The value of aluminum is high and even aluminum cans are an important recyclable material. When an aluminum can is discarded, it is wasting the equivalent of that can filled with gasoline. The aluminum cans will be back on the store shelf in 60 days if the can is recycled. About 95 percent of a junk car is recycled. Some parts are salvaged for resale and other parts head to the recycle process.

The sheet metal is shredded into 3 inch ribbons and formed into a ball for later use. Dumpster in Suffolk County, NY will come get your scrap car and take it away for you. They will also pickup buses, forklifts, backhoes and much more. This is the easiest and cleanest way to dispose of vehicles or mechanical service equipment that you do not want to keep and don’t want to use space for these pieces of equipment which have lived past their useful life. Dumpster in Suffolk County, NY can help you dispose of any scrap non-ferrous or ferrous products. Steel recycling is a process which American companies have not accorded much attention to, but which nonetheless holds the key to untapped earnings.

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