DUI in Bethlehem, PA: Knowing Your Defense Options

DUI offenses can be quite serious. If you are arrested for a DUI in Bethlehem PA and you want to fight it, it is important to be aware of the possible defenses you can use. You may or may not want to hire a lawyer, but you should consider the severity of your case and your defense options carefully. Once you decide not to hire a lawyer and go to court, you cannot undo it. Hiring a lawyer may save you money by reducing your fines and could even save you from serving jail time.

The prosecution has to prove you were driving and you were under the influence to place charges for a DUI Bethlehem PA. Your defense needs to work to prove either of these elements wrong. Having a lawyer will help you create a stronger defense and find holes in the prosecutor’s case. If the arresting officer did not see you driving but approached you, for example, when your car was idling in a parking lot, then you may be able to argue you were not driving. A lawyer will be able to help you decide if this is a possibility for your case.

You may also be able to defend yourself if the officer did not have the legal right to stop your vehicle. If the officer did not follow procedures by the book during the arrest, a lawyer could help you get their evidence, and even the breathalyzer results, thrown out. You should work with your lawyer to consider these options. A lawyer should also help you determine if you have any witnesses who can testify you didn’t drink before you got in the car, your driving was because of being distracted, or you were driving well. These witnesses can help the officer’s observations fall apart.

No matter how weak the case may seem, you need to take it seriously and be prepared for the possible outcomes. You need to consider all aspects of your case and any way you can build a strong defense to protect yourself. Hiring a lawyer may be the best choice because they have more experience arguing cases and know the law better than you do.

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