DUI Attorney in Hutchinson KS Helps You to Understand Your Rights

Getting a DUI in any state in the U.S. is a serious offense. In the State of Kansas, do not expect it to be any less of an offense. If you happen to get a DUI in Kansas, there is a DUI Attorney in Hutchinson KS who wants to tell you what to be aware of when you are in Kansas.

In Kansas, the penalty depends on the degree of the offense for which you are charged. For example, your first DUI is a class B misdemeanor and you are required to serve at least 48 consecutive hours in jail, or at the judge’s discretion, perform 100 hours of community service. The fine will be somewhere between $750 to $1,000 and you will have to complete an alcohol class. A fourth or any DUI after it is considered a clear felony. Your minimum jail time will be 90 days. You will be fined $2,500, placed on parole for one year under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Department of Corrections, and required to complete a treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse.

It is understood that no one wants to lose their driving privileges, even if in the wrong for committing a DUI offense. In today’s times, it is virtually unrealistic to expect to not be able to drive. This is why when you are arrested and the law enforcement officer hands you an administrative suspension pink slip in exchange for your license, you must act quickly to keep the matter from getting more complex. In fact, you only have 14 days to request an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension of your license.

Oswalt, Henry, Oswald and Roberts are a team of attorneys in Hutchinson and Sterling, Kansas who will work aggressively to help you get the best possible outcome in your DUI case. They handle driving related matters such as driving under the influence (DUI), driving with suspended licenses, driving with no insurance, SR-22 cases, diversion applications, expungements and many more kinds of cases. If you are interested in knowing more about how as a DUI Attorney in Hutchinson KS, the firm can help you in your case, contact them at one of their two locations. You can also Visit the website, Website Domain.

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