Duct Cleaning in Clearwater, FL Will Remove Harmful Contaminants

Air duct cleaning is a process that eliminates mold, dust and other contaminants such as allergens from your heating and air conditioning system. Duct cleaning involves the cleaning of many heating and cooling components of forced air systems. These components are:

1. Supply ducts
2. Return ducts
3. Registers
4. Grilles
5. Diffusers
6. Exchangers
7. Cooling coils
8. Condensate drain pans
9. Fan motor
10. Fan housing

Indoor air pollution can be an environmental health risk. However, air duct cleaning will greatly reduce indoor contaminants. Cleaning all of the components increases the efficiency of the systems and reduces the overall energy bills. Duct Cleaning in Clearwater, FL professionals know how to thoroughly clean the ducts.

The process involves sealing the vents and returns first. Next, a powerful vacuum device is connected to the main duct line, which collects all of the material dislodged. A small section of the duct work will be cut out to allow for the mounting of the vacuum hose. The dirt and debris will be dislodged by various high pressure tools, so this material will then be collected in the vacuum containment unit. The hole will be sealed once the vacuum process has been completed.

If there is any question about mold being in the duct work, you can use some tape to collect a sample and send it to a lab for testing. The results will tell you what kind of mold it is and what type of biocide is needed to eliminate it.

Cleaning the coils is a big task that most likely needs to be done. The cooling capability is restricted when these are dirty. Cleaning the fan motor and the housing is another method of increasing the efficiency of the unit. Cleaning the condensate draining pan will prevent a disastrous condition of the water spilling over and down between the walls. This leads to mold growth. Cleaning the air conditioning components will yield the most cost-effective benefit and the greatest boost to cooling the house in the summer months. Having Duct Cleaning in Clearwater, FL performed will also help to prolong the life of the equipment while reducing energy costs.

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