Dual Diagnosis Recovery Begins with a Trip to the Beach

Life can throw many things at us. We are not all born to great wealth and privilege. Sometimes, to escape life’s troubles, we rely on illegal substances that begin as an escape route from our problems and end up becoming a prison all their own. In ordinary circumstances, seeking help is one of the hardest things a person can do. When you add in other factors, such as a psychiatric illness, going to someone for help might seem all but possible. A combination of such an illness and drug or alcohol use carries with it a stigma people all too often think they will forever be unable to shake off.

We Know How Complicated Your Circumstances Might Be

At Galt Ocean Rehab, we understand the plight of those whose substance abuse may be a direct result of a psychiatric illness. In such cases, which are referred to as dual diagnosis, simply checking yourself into a rehab center and following the program might not be enough. This is not because the patient is a bad person, or unwilling to try. It is because their underlying condition has possibly led them to drink too much or take drugs, or perhaps their illness has been made worse by a bad habit taken to extremes.

It is an Uphill Climb, but You Are Not Alone

If it were just one problem or the other, the struggle would be daunting enough. When it comes to dual diagnosis recovery, the task might seem insurmountable. It is surmountable, though. It will be a hard mountain to climb, but the Galt Ocean Rehab process is committed to helping you reach the summit. From the moment you come through the doors we work to assess your condition, giving you the benefit of a comprehensive assessment that will hopefully reveal the many reasons you have gotten to this point, and help you understand the many hurdles you may have to leap in order to get to the finish line.

With training in psychiatric matters and drug addiction, staff members are on call whenever you need them. They will help you learn how to manage all aspects of your condition, and will do their best to involve your family in the healing and recovery process.

Let the Ocean View Help You

Luckily for you, you don’t have to take on the burden of your dual diagnosis recovery in a sterile, all-too-clinical environment. The Galt Ocean Rehab has “ocean” in the name for a reason. Our oceanfront drug recovery center provides multiple opportunities to let nature play a role in your recovery. Being in Florida means year-round access to the beach. If you have ever spent a sunset on a beach, you know how relaxing it can be. Now consider you’re there with the trained, caring professionals of the Galt Ocean Rehab. It might not be the best introduction to paradise but ocean views can help a lot.