Dual Diagnosis: How it Affects Your Teen

It’s normal for teenagers to experience ups and downs, confusing emotions, and the intense effects of hormones. Your teen might become more distant as they branch out towards becoming an adult and focus more heavily on their social life. They’ll want more privacy and want to keep some of their business to themselves, which is perfectly normal. But if your teen has started to act out, exhibit mood and behavioral issues, and is running into trouble at school, there may be a deeper issue. This is exacerbated if you suspect that your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

If you’ve discovered that your teen is struggling with emotional issues as well as substance abuse, it’s entirely possible that they’re suffering from a dual diagnosis, which is a combination of mental illness and addiction that creates a vicious cycle. Your teen may be self-medicating to deal with what they’re going through, which only makes the problem worse. In Colorado Springs, treatment for teens is an option if your child is in need of more serious help.

How Can a Recovery Program Help?

Treatment for teens in Colorado Springs will give your teen the opportunity to heal in a supportive, community environment. Behavioral therapy and medications can help your teen with any mental illness they may be suffering from, and a range of activities from gardening to art therapy provides an outlet and a sense of purpose while helping them build relationships with other teens in the program. Your teen will learn coping and life skills while engaging with the healing power that comes from immersion in nature.

While it can be a stressful time for the both of you, remember to remind yourself and your teen that there is no shame in struggling or in seeking out help. Talk to your teen and decide together on whether a rehab program is the best option.

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