Drying And Cleaning A Carpet And Additional Services Offered By A Company That Provides House Cleaning In Nassau County

If a bathroom carpet is saturated, due to a damaged pipe, drying the floor covering and cleaning fibers will restore the carpet’s appearance and will eliminate foul odors. The following drying and cleaning steps can be performed with some basic equipment and cleaning agents.


• rubber gloves

• portable heater

• mop

• disinfectant

• carpet cleaner

• sponge

• hand held scrub brush

• odor neutralizing granules

• vacuum cleaner

• comb

Drying A Carpet And Floor And Removing Stains

Water needs to be turned off inside of a residence. A pair of rubber gloves should be worn while handling a wet carpet. A carpet needs to be removed from a wet floor and placed on a dry surface. A portable heater can be used to dry carpet fibers. While waiting for a carpet to dry, a mop can be used to apply disinfectant to a bathroom floor. After a carpet has dried, a carpet cleaning agent should be sprayed on carpet stains. After a cleaning agent has soaked into fibers, a sponge or hand held scrub brush should be moved back and forth over fibers that were treated.

Eliminating Odors And Combing Carpet Fibers

Odor neutralizing granules that are designed for use on carpets should be sprinkled on carpet fibers. A few minutes will need to pass to effectively eliminate foul odors. A vacuum cleaner can be used to collect carpet granules. If carpet fibers have flattened after cleaning a carpet, a comb can be used to fluff up a carpet’s surface. Flattened carpet fibers should be brushed in the same direction as fibers that surround them. A carpet can be carried back into a bathroom and laid across a floor. Damaged plumbing will need to be patched or repaired before turning water on to prevent a floor covering from becoming wet again.

If an individual needs help with cleaning a carpet or if they would like to have a cleaning crew come into their home to clean windows, floors and walls, they should contact Ace Home Cleaning or a similar business that provides House Cleaning in Nassau County. Individuals who offer House Cleaning in Nassau County will also provide services that will improve the appearance of a home’s exterior.