Dress Your US Home With an Organic, Earthy, and Sophisticated Look

If you want to create a warm, breezy organic look, grasscloth wallpaper is perfect. This distinctive wallcovering is typically woven from jute, hemp, raffia, sisal, bamboo, seagrass, or reeds. You can find it in its natural tones, or dyed in any color you can think of. If you want to strike a balance between sophisticated and organic, choose a grasscloth wallcovering.

One thing to keep in mind, each roll of grasscloth wallpaper is slightly different. But, these slight variations create a texture that’s pleasing to the eye. Also, a grasscloth wallcovering collects dust, grease, absorbs odors and stains easily. It’s also hard to clean. Grasscloth is not appropriate for a kitchen or a bathroom.

With that said, grasscloth is a versatile wallcovering that adapts to both casual and formal settings. Natural grasscloth brightens a room with an earthy quality, while dyed grasscloth can create a very sophisticated backdrop.

Hanging grasscloth wallpaper generally takes professional know-how, it’s not always easy for a do-it-yourselfer to handle. For one thing, the walls need to be sealed, and when wet, the grasscloth tends to expand. It can also be fragile, and wet grasscloth can easily tear.

Grasscloth is a classic wallcovering that has recently made a big comeback. It’s made from renewable materials that bring nature into the home. If you want a look that’s sophisticated and earthy, a grasscloth wallcovering could be the thing for your home.

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