Door Repairs in Chicago, IL Following Home Invasions

A home invasion is a terrifying experience, and after it has happened, home owners take steps to make their home more secure so it doesn’t happen again. For instance, if the home was entered by a thief who broke down a door to get in, that door will need to be repaired or replaced. This must be done immediately, and is usually covered, at least in part, by home owners insurance. Whether the door is repaired or replaced, it is also a good idea to take steps to have more security for the home, and there are many different add-ons that can be put on the door for added security. Browse website for more details.

When it comes to door repairs in Chicago, IL, there are a number of things that can be done to make doors more secure. For instance, installing a heavy-duty strike plate in the frame will ensure that the door can’t be kicked in again. Make sure it is a good quality plate, as the flimsier ones can be damaged after just a couple of kicks. The strike plate should be held in place with four screws that are at least three inches in length. Heavy-duty hinges should also be used, and again, using three-inch screws to hold them in place. When a burglar can’t kick in a door, they may try to get it off the hinges, and if they are industrial strength, this will be pretty much impossible.

Additional hardware should be used when having door repairs in Chicago, IL after a home invasion. These include dead bolts, and heavy-duty locks that are durable. This is not something a home owner wants to cheap out on. While there are cheap locks available, they are not made from the most durable materials. It is best to invest in high quality locks, no matter how expensive they are. Another good idea is to have a peephole installed. This way, if anyone is home, they can see who is at the door without opening it. All of these items can be purchased from and installed by the experts at Keyway Lock and Security.

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