Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Above The Ground Pools in Houston

Above The Ground Pools in Houston provide a welcome relief to scorching summer temperatures in Texas. An above-ground swimming pool provides many of the same benefits of a built-in pool at a fraction of the cost. Consider these advantages of an above-ground swimming pool.

* Cost – The largest expenditure for any pool, above-ground or in-ground, is the installation cost. The expense to install an in-ground pool is in the tens of thousands versus a few thousand for a completely installed and ready to use the above-ground pool. Maintenance and repair costs are higher for in-ground pools as well due to their larger size. The cost to replace a pool liner in an in-ground pool is considerably more than that for an above-ground model and above-ground pools require less quantities of chemicals, less equipment and less time spent on routine maintenance.

* Temporary or Permanent – A big advantage for many homeowners is that should they decide to relocate, an above-ground pool can be taken along, whereas an in-ground pool is there to stay. This also helps as far as resale as having a swimming pool limits a home’s marketability. Should you decide, you don’t like where the pool is relocated on your property you can relocate an above-ground pool -; an impossible task with a built-in pool.

* Features – Despite their size, Above The Ground Pools in Houston provide a lot of the same benefits as their in-ground counterparts. Increased depths, slides, and diving boards can be incorporated into above-ground pools. The addition of a deck, hot tub, or even a water feature, is sure to enhance the appearance of any above-ground pool.

* Warmer Water – Above-ground pools naturally have warmer water temperatures than in-ground pools. If the water is not warm enough for your liking one can add a pool heater.

* Safety – Depending on the setup, it might be more difficult for small children or pets, to fall into the water. If you have a deck around the pool, gating and locking the stair access, provides additional protection.

Visit Cryer Pools & Spas, Inc. to find out more about these and other benefits of owning an above-ground pool. Remember that above-ground pools offer ease of maintenance, cost less to install and operate, are naturally warmer without the aid of a heater, and are portable.