Don’t Make These 4 Common Pressure Leak Test Mistakes

If you manufacture products, they probably need packaging. Packaging is an important part of your reputation, and you need tight packaging that fully protects everything. In fact, it’s important to use the best possible pressure leak test equipment for your business. However, it’s not hard to make mistakes and these four errors can be costly and should be avoided when possible.

1. Not Using Worst Case Scenario Conditions

Some packages are heat-sensitive, and it’s important to perform testing in temperatures that represent the warmest environment the packages will encounter. If you fail to take this into consideration, your packages may pass the pressure leak test with no problems, but they could fail in a warehouse that’s not climate controlled or inside of a warm trailer.

2. Bubble Testing

You can find many air and pressure leaks with bubble testing equipment. However, it’s not the most accurate method, and tiny air leaks may not be visible. When you need the most accurate results, consider using a vacuum or pressure decay system. It can find the tiniest of leaks and give you important information on leakage rates.

3. Gas Tests

Some pressure leak test equipment uses tracer gases to find leaks. This can be an effective method, but it’s important to remove all the air from the container before making the test. If not, air gets in the way, and you could end up with false or inconclusive results. Also, air can dilute gasses and make them ineffective for testing.

4. Not Using the Best Equipment

If you want the most accurate results, use the best possible machines for your testing. Go with a company that has a proven reputation in the industry and many years of experience in the leak testing business. They can give you custom products if you have special testing needs.