Domestic Violence Is A Crime

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Bail Bonds

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Domestic violence in Reno, NV is a crime and the perpetrator can be arrested and jailed. Once arrested the person suspected of the crime is taken the police station, booked and then put in a cell prior to getting a chance to attend a bail hearing. At the bail hearing; which often takes place at the same time as the arraignment, the judge will set bail that the suspect can either pay personally or arrange through a bail bondsman. Once bail has been paid to the court the suspect is released pending trial.


Domestic violence is a crime which is characterized by abusive behavior which is directed to the spouse and/or children. Although men are normally seen as being the perpetrator this is in no way exclusive as women can be just as guilty of domestic violence as a man. Unfortunately there are few guidelines on how a police officer can respond and what few there are can be inconsistent and of very little help. In many cases a police officer may not be able to arrest the suspect. Guidelines are beginning to take shape though as a result of lobbying from advocates who are vocal about this crime.

The police can respond to a report of domestic violence which is called in by anyone, it can be neighbors or a family member. If, upon their arrival at the home the police officer actually witnesses an act of domestic violence he or she can arrest the suspect and take him or her into custody. An arrest can be made if the officer sees the victim fighting back but the arrest can also be made if it goes against the wishes of the victim as the officer can argue that the victim was being intimidated.

Like every arrest, the suspect will be read his or her Miranda rights, they are also obliged to charge the suspect with a crime or release the person within a certain time frame; those arrested for domestic violence cannot simply be held indefinitely without being charged. A concern with domestic violence in Reno, NV is the fact that the suspect is quickly released on bail and in many cases goes straight back to the family home and in many cases resumes the violence as a way of retaliation against the victim. Victims of domestic violence can get an attorney and file for a protective order to keep the suspect away from the home and the family members who have been violated.

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