Doing Asphalt Patching To Repair Cracks And Holes In A Driveway

When someone notices their asphalt driveway has a few areas with cracks or small holes present, they will want to do repair work, so people do not get injured while walking over these spots. Asphalt patching is a job most homeowners can do on their own if they have the right tools. Here are some tips one can use to patch voids in their driveway effectively.

First, the homeowner should do a complete evaluation of their driveway to search for additional areas in need of repair. This way all spots with wear can be handled at one time. A diagram can be drawn to the driveway and spots in need of repair can be indicated on this so they can be found easily after repair tools are purchased.

To fill in cracks in the asphalt, pieces of crushed stone should be pushed into the opening of the void. A screwdriver, the handle of a hammer, or a putty knife can be used to tamp the pieces into the crack as far as possible. More stone can then be added into the void, and the tamping process can be repeated. This will help give the asphalt stability in this area.

Cement made especially for asphalt patching jobs can be applied over the stone pieces. This will need to be spread over the edges of the crack to seal the stones in place underneath. The cement will harden and dry. This could leave a dark area on the driveway. However, a new layer of asphalt can be applied over the entire surface at a later time, hiding it as a result. It will suffice as a temporary repair that works well in making the driveway safer to walk and drive upon.

If someone feels they need help from a professional to do an Asphalt Patching job, they can call a reliable paving service in their area to tend to the task. Give a call to Asphalt Industries to have them take a look at the driveway. They can give an estimate for repair work, and start the job right away in making the driveway safe to use.

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