Dohnuts E-Liquid: Breakfast Any Time

Some who are well-versed in the world of e-cigarettes and vaping will say that the cartridge or juice well is one of two very important parts of the process. The other would be the atomizer. A closer look at the liquid itself is the subject for today.

There are dozens of different flavors and aromas for today’s e-cigarette. A quick look at some of the liquid menus shows everything from classic tobacco and menthol to vanilla, berry, peach and pomegranate. Dohnuts E-Liquid is just one of the newer choices. First reviews were viewed just a few months ago by some of the early adopters.

Extended Menu

Some people have taken up the process of making their own e-liquids, in an effort to get the perfect flavor and aroma. It seems someone took the time to come up with a flavor and aroma that intends to provide the sensory experience of a strawberry pastry and cold milk – a cereal in vapor.

A second, but similar, flavor comes with Pebbles, adding the experience of Fruity Pebbles cereal to the donut experience. Blueberry Donuts and Marshmallow Man are also part of the Dohnuts lineup.

Now for a word to the wise: a search for this product will show its name spelled as D’ohnuts, Dohnuts and even Donuts. The name could be seen as D’oh Nuts as well. But buyers should be safe if they see the company named spelled D’ohnuts on the web page or order page. The brand name has also appeared as “Donuts formerly D’oh Nuts.”

What to Expect

This particular flavor seems to have developed on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. Dessert flavors have enjoyed popularity in the Eastern regions, while some reviews and news items say the West Coast tends toward slightly different tastes – candies, for instance. That’s all a matter of opinion, of course.

The pastry idea seems to serve very well if the e-cigarette setup warms the vapor to just the right level. That seems to make the strawberry donut taste stand out.

One reviewer was particularly pleased by the label, which shows a lot of iced donuts with a yellow hue to the background. Keep in mind that this branding is all loosely based on the Homer Simpson character.

The Pebbles bottle is just as colorful, with a sort of pink and lavender color scheme. The Blueberry flavor artwork is dominated by white and blue.
Dohnuts E-Liquid comes in a bottle with a dropper top for easier filling. Some users are tempted to save the box because of the artwork.

Prices hover around $21 or $22 for the 30ml size. This seems to fit pretty well with similar size bottles. Some special flavors that may compete are a few dollars more, in fact. Nicotine levels are three mg and six mg.

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