Dogs of All Breeds and Ages Benefit from Dog Obedience Training in Chicago

Adding a dog to your family is a rewarding experience. Dogs are great companions that offer loyalty, love, and protection. It is important to teach your dog how to behave properly. The easiest, and perhaps most successful, way to address any behavior issues with your new pet is by enrolling them in a local Dog Obedience Training Chicago class. After a series of classes, both you and your dog will understand each other better.

A Chicago Canine Academy is the perfect place to teach any dog how to interact with their owner and even with strangers. While most trainers recommend starting training while the canine is still a puppy, you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks, too. All breeds can benefit from these classes. The first goal of training is to establish a hierarchy within your household. In the wild, dogs roam together in packs, and one dog will act as the leader. In a household, it is necessary for the owner to become the pack leader. Once this is role is defined, your dog will be much more likely to follow any commands.

During Dog Obedience Training Chicago, your dog will learn a series of commands to help them learn appropriate behavior. Some of the most common are sit, stay, and heel. These commands help your dog better adjust in new situations, such as playing at the park or greeting new people. Training will also help curb any aggressive tendencies your dog may have. Contrary to popular belief, aggression is often due to fear and confusion. Dog academies help your pup overcome these emotions by introducing them to many new situations. A well-trained dog is less likely to bark without reason, bite when agitated, or destroy your belongings. Good behavior should always be rewarded, while negative actions should be corrected.

Dogs love to please their owners, and an obedient pup makes a happier companion. Any dog, no matter the breed or age, is capable of being trained. It takes several courses with a trainer and lots of work at home to teach your dog how to obey on command. The outcome, however, is worth the effort. The bond between you and your dog will increase dramatically, and your dog will forever be a family member. Visit Chicago Canine Academy for more details.

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