Dog Wipes: What They Are, Why You Should Use Them, And Which Ones to Get

Pet parents know that keeping a dog baby clean and healthy is just as important as keeping a human baby clean and healthy. And just as there are baby wipes, so too are their doggie wipes.

What are Dog Wipes?

Dog wipes are just like the wipes we use on ourselves and our babies, except they’re formulated for canines and are body-part specific. There are wipes for fur, special ones for ears and nose, and the most common are wipes for dog paws.

Compact and convenient, you can throw a pack of dog wipes in your bag and whip them out anytime.

Why Should You Use Dog Wipes?

Dogs enjoy going outside year-round, and lots of debris — not to mention germs — get caught between their paw pads. Sometimes, that paw dreck can lead to infection, not to mention house dirt! But if you have wipes for dog paws, a quick swipe can eliminate any problems before they arise.

What to Look for In Wipes for Dog Paws

Not all dog wipes are created equal. Neither are all human wipes! The first rule of thumb when buying dog wipes is to get a product formulated for canines. Dogs have a different pH balance than humans. As such, ingredients that work best for us may not be ideal for Fluffy. And remember, babies don’t lick themselves after being treated with baby wipes, but dogs do! So, again, make sure you choose a hypoallergenic option specifically made for dogs!

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