Dog Grooming Tips That You Can Learn From A Dog Grooming Service In Bowie

What are some important dog grooming tips that people can learn from a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie? The first tip is that pet owners should start grooming their dogs when they first get them. While dogs are still young, they need to learn that grooming isn’t the end of the world. Puppies that are exposed to dog grooming will learn to relax. While little dogs aren’t that difficult to handle, puppies that will grow to be over 50 pounds will eventually prove to be more than most pet owners can handle. When dog owners are getting their puppies used to grooming, they should not yell at them. Speaking calmly will help puppies relax.

What people do at home is just as important as taking their dogs to a quality dog grooming service in Bowie. People want to avoid washing their dogs too frequently. Believe it or not, a dog only has to be given a bath once or twice per month. If a dog is cleaned too often, the dog’s skin can become severely irritated and dry. This can lead to the dog scratching too much, which will only make the skin condition worse. Dog owners should also brush their dogs a few times a week. Brushing helps to keep tangles out of a dog’s hair. Also, frequent brushing will remove hair that could be shed elsewhere in the home. Brushing is a good way to keep hair from getting on furniture, carpeting, and clothing.

Dog owners should also learn how to check the skin of their dogs. Sure, groomers at Gambrills Veterinary and other places will check a dog’s skin, but things can happen between visits to groomers. Flea bites, redness, dry skin, and skin irritation are just some of the things people should check for while they are grooming their dogs. If any strange things are noticed on a dog’s skin, an appointment with a veterinarian should be made. Dogs that live in rural areas and are allowed to roam outside might come into contacts with ticks. Ticks can spread diseases to both dogs and humans, so pet owners should use tick protection and learn how to detect ticks.

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