Dog Grooming Stafford VA Services Offered

Just as people need to take showers, get haircuts, and work on their personal appearance, pets need regular beauty care, too. While they do not need a bath every day, they do need to be groomed on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are many places offering Dog Grooming Stafford VA services. As most people find it hard to groom their dogs on their own, or they just do not have the time, these companies and businesses take the hassle out of this task.

The professionals at Dumfries Animal Hospital offer a full line of grooming services. For the short-haired dogs that do not require much, they offer offer bathing services. They will remove the dirt and grime that the dog picked up while playing outside and enjoying life. Long haired dogs and those with thick hair can enjoy a trim, cut, or style. Tangles will be brushed out, and any foreign dirt and debris removed. These services are offered as part of routine care, or on a special basis for those who show their pets in competitions or have a special event coming up.

Some pets may have an issue with their ears or anal glands. Alert the staff and a professional veterinarian can take a look at the pet, and empty the glands if needed. To complete a day of pampering for the pet, many people choose to have the dog’s nails clipped too. This keeps the dog from scratching members of the family on accident. This also protects hardwood floors and furniture from being scratched up or damaged when the dog plays or runs.

The Dog Grooming Stafford VA offered by some animal hospitals is open a full seven days a week. This is perfect for the busy pet parents who work all week, and those who can only make it in on weekends. Call ahead to verify times and availability, but most days pets can be dropped off as early as 7:30 in the morning and picked up as late as 8pm. All pets should be kept in a clean and safe area. If something happens and a dog becomes ill, there should be a trained medical staff at the animal hospital who can treat them right away.

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