Dog Agility Training in Chicago Builds Basic Obedience Skills

Dog agility training in Chicago doesn’t just prepare dogs to compete in televised canine sporting events. Ever popular dog agility championships arose from a recognized system of sports training that confers countless benefits to owner and dog, even if the owner and dog have no competitive aspirations.

What Is Dog Agility Training?

Agility is an exciting, high-octane dog sport. It entails obstacles like tunnels, tire jumps, teeter-totters, standard jumps and weave poles. Owner and dog complete each obstacle course side by side, the handler directing the dog through each obstacle and transition with voice commands.

Dog Agility training in Chicago prepares both handler and dog, teaching both how to work together, issue and follow voice commands, and overcome agility course obstacles without compensating, cheating or succumbing to distraction.

Benefits of Agility Training

Fun & Fitness With Fido

Handlers/owners typically run alongside their dogs during agility training, so both parties get into magnificent shape. Training, if started at the optimal dog age of 1 to 2 years old, takes time and dedication, giving owner and dog sufficient opportunities to get toned, strong and into peak cardiovascular condition.

A Stronger Bond

Nothing draws dogs and owners closer than shared experiences in the trenches of doggy training. The routine quality time spent with one’s dog during and after agility training builds a bond, mutual respect and obedience to both verbal and hand gestures that make the relationship richer and healthier.

A Happier Dog

Agility training feeds a dog’s natural, inborn desire to run, jump, chase, bark and raise the doghouse roof. It diffuses any excess canine energy that might otherwise get spent on making mischief while also enhancing coordination, strength and endurance.

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