Does Your Nicotine Supplier Provide These Products?

Anyone who manufactures products intended to help people stop smoking must ensure they find a source of nicotine that is of the best quality. This enhances the experience the user has, raising the chance of repeat purchases.

It has been confirmed that many smokers wish to quit smoking. However, doing so is difficult because of their addiction to nicotine. Exploring the various options within the nicotine replacement therapy area is important for smokers. For those creating these products, it is important to find out if a nicotine supplier has a good selection of products to purchase.

Nicotine Base USP/EP

This is a good product to have access to for purchase if your company develops various nicotine replacement therapies for sale to smokers. The base is ideal for use in everything from patches to electronic cigarettes. Available in large quantities, it can also be purchased in amounts to cover the manufacturing process for various items. This is a good way to save money too.

Nicotine Polacrilex USP

A good nicotine supplier should be able to provide you with a consistent supply of nicotine polacrilex USP. This form of nicotine is used in therapies where it is important to have a slow release of nicotine to assist the user in combating cravings.

Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate

This is a high-quality form of nicotine used to create lozenges. Any business developing a range of lozenges to sell to smokers who want to stop should consider asking a nicotine supplier if they can provide this product.

Another aspect to think about is how keen a supplier is to provide you with the answers you are looking for. The more you can find out about their products before your first purchase, the more confident you can be that you have found the best supplier.

Finding a complete range of nicotine products is easy to do once you have located the best nicotine supplier. For more information on the complete range available, visit

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