Does Your Fireplace Need Repairs?

From beauty to comfort, if you have a fireplace in your home you likely know the wonderful benefits they can provide. Fireplaces can be used to heat your home on cold days; they can serve as a heat source if the power goes out and they can add character to your home. Sometimes, however, fireplaces require repairs. If you do not address certain issues with your fireplace within a reasonable time, the fireplace might become unsafe. Luckily, there are some signs you can look for to tell if repairs are necessary. If you think you need fireplace repairs in West Michigan, contact an experienced professional today.

Gas Burner Issues

This is something to look for if you have a gas fireplace. If the burner is not igniting or if the pilot light won’t come on, it is possible that dirt has built up along the burner or a gas line issue is present. It is important to not attempt to fix the problem and allow a professional to handle it.

Poor Ventilation

Fires create smoke, and that smoke needs a way to exit your home as quickly as possible. It may leave through an exhaust vent or chimney. If you can see any amount of smoke, whether large or small escaping the hearth, it may be time for fireplace repairs in West Michigan. This may be caused by excessive soot or some type of clog in the chimney or vent. If that is the case, it could lead to a dangerous situation.

Odd Odors

If you start to smell something strange coming from your fireplace, there could be several different issues present. If you have an electric fireplace, the wires may be burning. For other types, the flue might be clogged, or the burner could be dirty. It is essential to stop use and allow a professional to have a look and possibly perform fireplace repairs in West Michigan. Click here for more details.

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