Does Your Car Need To Be Repaired?

Is your vehicle broken? Does it need a new part? Does something need to be repaired? Is it time for your vehicle’s regular oil change? These are important questions to ask if you are unsure about the answer. If you do not get the help, you need when you need it, your vehicle could break down or even suddenly go off the road. Auto shops are found in big and small cities throughout the country that are ready to help. There are plenty of reasons to go to a shop for auto repair in Tinley Park.

Oil Problems

The two major oil problems are oil leaks, and the regular oil change. You can tell if your vehicle has an oil leak by checking if there are oil patches on your driveaway. Oil changes are very common and very easy to set up.


The different replacements you might need are your tires, brakes, or batteries. Tires and brakes are fairly expensive, but worth the money to make sure you have a safe ride. Batteries do not need to be replaced as often as tires and brakes, but it is very important in making your car run.

Other types of auto repair involve the ignition system, coolant, air conditioning, fuel systems, and your transmission. A sign your ignition system needs to be repaired if your vehicle will not start. Your coolant and air conditioning only need to be repaired about every few years. If your vehicle is almost to 50,000 miles, you might need a new fuel pump soon for your fuel systems. A transmission repair is the most expensive or most car repairs, but it does not happen very often.

It doesn’t matter what type of issue you are having with your car, the sooner you get it looked at, the better, and usually cheaper, your outcome will be.

If you are in need of a good auto repair in Tinley Park, consider VIP Tire & Auto Centers.