Does Your Brandon, Florida Drain Field Need to Get Repaired or Replaced?

Your drain field acts as not only a vital part of your septic system. It’s also an important part of your home. It receives wastewater and filters it. If your drain field malfunctions, your groundwater can become contaminated. This could lead to your septic system failing. At this point, you may need to decide if you need to either repair or go through a drain field replacement in Plant City. This article will teach you about the two options available to you.

Drain Field Issues

There could be a couple of reasons why your drain field is having issues. The first could be its age. Drain fields have an expiration date. If the system is too old, it will start to malfunction. Flooding and oversaturation can also lead to problems. Lastly, failing to pump the system every few years can cause you to need a complete drain field replacement.

Failure of the Drain Field System

You could use a few methods to tell if your drain field needs repair or replacement. For example, you might see pools of water in the yard. You could hear gurgling noises in your pipes. There could be water backups.

Repairing the Drain Field

If your system exhibits any of the preceding symptoms, this could act as a sign that your drain field needs repair. Before you call in technicians, look at the pipes, tank, and the drain field. If there are no other issues, your system might need to get repaired.

Replacing the Drain Field

If your drain field is at least 20 years old, then it makes more financial sense to get it replaced. A replacement could also be in order if repeated repair attempts have failed.

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