Does Granite Work as Well in Your Bathroom as Your Kitchen?

Your bathroom vanity is going to receive a lot of wear and tear over the years which is why it is important to select the best countertop that you can afford, choosing for its durability and appearance. Granite fabricators and installers in Plainfield will be able to show you a wide variety of styles and finishes that will visibly improve your bathroom area.

Is Granite Just for The Kitchen?

You may have considered granite in Plainfield to be the perfect countertop material to choose for your kitchen area, but it is equally suitable for the vanity in your bathroom.

This is a very busy area and is used several times each day. The atmosphere within the room will change its humidity during a long bath or a quick shower. This will affect the quality of many countertop materials, but not granite.

A wide variety of chemicals, in the form of makeup, cleaning materials, and half of your purchases from the pharmacy, can permanently stain a variety of countertop materials.

Granite fabricators and installers in Plainfield will show you how your finish is both water and stain-resistant and very easy to clean. They will demonstrate how easy it is to remove most of these makeup and liquid spills and explain why you should deal with the problem as soon as it occurs.

Some materials used as countertops will suffer from the variations in temperature, and the edges will begin to break away. For some materials, you may be able to repair the damage, but for most, you will be looking to replace the countertop as your vanity in a short period.

Your granite fabricators and installers in Plainfield will be able to prepare your granite to receive any style of sink, from under-mounted, top-mounted or to sink in with a perfect finish.

The granite will require sealing to prevent stains from damaging its finish, and this needs to be repeated at a timescale that will be explained by your installers.

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