Dodge Charger: A Brief History 1968-1974

Dodge Charger is one classic car model that stays relevant still today. If you have one of the original Chargers in the garage, there is no need to be intimated with the newer and more expensive ones. You can still bring it back to life with the use of Mopar classic car parts. Through Mopar restoration parts, you can bring back your Dodge Charger into its glorious days.

The Dodge Charger has been considered as one of the best classic muscle cars of all time. Interested in knowing more about its history? Keep on reading and learn more about this classic car.

The First Generation

The first generation of the Dodge Charger was released from 1966 to 1967. From that time, it has gained reputation as one of the best inspirations of manufacturers of muscle cars. The first car has a two-door design and four bucket seats in its interior. Available with standard 318 or the optional almighty 426 Hemi motor. The start for the Charger however, was very gloomy. Nonetheless, it inspired the company the improve the Charger and create a more appealing look.

The Second Generation

Released from 1968 to 1970, it is a reflection of an abundance of improvements in order to recover from the dismal sales of the first generation model. Much of the improvements were concentrated in styling. It has a Coke-bottle look, which instantly made a positive public impression and gave it the reputation as one of the most exceptional performance cars during the said era. It is incorporated with jet-aged aerodynamic styling. The interior was also improved, with the addition of the standard Rallye gauge package and starting in 1969 the optional SE package provided leather buckets seats. Various safety features were also added such as headrests as standard equipment starting in 1969.

The Third Generation

A new model was again introduced in 1971 and has been produced until 1974. The third generation of muscle car from Dodge Charger is a celebration of its sixth birthday. The model introduced was more appealing and aggressive, staying true to the reputation that the company is known for aesthetics. There are rounded corners, and a spilt grille is incorporated on the front of the car. The taillights have been replaced. Those from 1971 to 1972 still have the classic hidden headlight door as an option, but by 1973 they were discontinued. The interior has also been modified, drawing inspiration from Chrysler E-body. Up to this day, this is a popular choice for Mopar classic car collectors. If you have a model from this generation, buying Mopar classic car parts like a new carpet or stripes can be an effective way to give it a new look.

Do you have one of the old models of Dodge Charger? Do not just let it rot in the garage. Start shopping for classic Mopar parts now and begin the restoration of your muscle car. From the exterior to Mopar interior parts, there are endless solutions to bring back the classic into life.

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