Do You Want to Make Sure Your Sewer Line is Working? Call Plumbing Palm Springs CA

Every homeowner should have a plumbing technician check the plumbing annually for problems which exist or which are about to surface. One problem which can arise is a sudden thrust of sewage coming back from the main line because of a clog in the line.

Homeowners believe that since they do not have trees on their property near the sewer line they are safe from having to deal with this problem. This is a wrong assumption because roots can travel 100 feet and find a way into the line and form a big clog. Then comes the day when nothing can get past the clog, and the sewage builds up. Then it backs up into the home through the toilet. This usually happens when you least expect it.

It would not have happened at all if you had a plumbing technician from Plumbing Palm Springs CA run a camera down into the line with feedback to a monitor so he can see exactly what is in the line and get rid of it before it becomes a problem.

There may be a big clog or there may be a broken pipe which has become twisted into a blockage. The Plumbing Palm Springs CA technician has the equipment required to remove the blockage. The usual method is a Hydro Jett which is a water system operating at up to 3200 psi, and this will chew up the clog and send it down to the main municipal line. This system will also clean the walls of the sewer line walls of any built-up grease and debris. Another method is a series of sharp cutters which are powered by water pressure. These will chew the clog up and send it down the line.

The Plumbing Palm Springs CA plumber should check all of the drains in the house to be sure they are running properly. If your home has a garbage disposal and you have had trouble with getting certain materials to go down into the drain, it would be a good idea to have the plumber run a snake down this drain to bust up any of this material which has accumulated.

You would be well served by having the Plumbing Palm Springs CA technician inspect the sewer line annually.

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