Do You Need To Hire Specialized Durham Commercial Moving Companies?

Small businesses in the Durham area are often trying to work with limited budgets. When it comes to planning a business move, hiring a commercial moving companies will be less expensive than hiring a general moving service.

There are different requirements for a residential move and a commercial move. Just a quick listing of the differences include:

  • More expensive equipment in a commercial move
  • Specialized equipment such as computers, networking equipment, servers, fax machines, and copy machines have to be safely moved
  • Large amounts of inventory with commercial moves
  • Secure and private types of documents and information
  • The need to breakdown office furniture and rebuild at the new location

In addition, the sheer volume of items to move in even a small business relocation is typically more than the average home.

Ability to Work to Timelines

Generally, residential movers have fairly flexible timelines for both local and long distance moves. However, with business moves, the commercial moving companies have to have the current premises vacated based on the lease or sale of the business terms, and they may also have to provide post-move cleanup as part of their services.

They must be able to install all the equipment, furniture, and materials into the new business to meet the operating requirements. This means that commercial moving companies have to coordinate all aspects of the move, and they tend to use a single point of contact project manager to oversee the entire moving process.

The typical commercial move also includes larger moving crews and may include multiple trucks. Working with a larger commercial relocation service that has these resources and the experience to complete the move is essential for the business to have as little downtime as possible during the process.

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