Do You Need the Help of Child Custody Lawyers in Lancaster County, PA?

Child custody battles are often difficult to go through for both sides. It can be especially difficult for the children because they are usually placed in the middle. When a parent is attempting to seek custody of their minor child, it is crucial that they hire child custody lawyers in Lancaster County, PA.

What Happens During a Custody Battle?

The state of Pennsylvania, just like other states in the Union, prefers for parents to be able to work out their own custody arrangements if they can come to an agreement. When a custody battle ensues, parents are often required to go through mediation to determine if they can come to an agreement.

A lawyer will help their client through the negotiation process with the other parent. It is imperative a person never meets with the other parent or their lawyer without having legal representation of their own. Working without legal help can lead to unfavorable outcomes that can be difficult to overcome.

If the parents cannot agree on custody agreements after mediation, the courts will be forced to get involved. The two parents will go through a child custody hearing that may require more than one meeting. It will be up to the family law judge to make the final determination on custody.

Lawyers Help Give Peace of Mind

When a person is seeking custody, there are often lots of emotions involved. To ensure a person does not make poor decisions based on their emotions, legal representation is required. A lawyer will not only help their client explore their options but will also help them fully understand the ramifications of each important decision they make in the process.

A lawyer will protect the individual and parental rights of their client and will work to help them get the best possible outcome. Although they cannot offer any sort of guarantee regarding the outcome, they can certainly help an individual feel more confident through the process.

If you are facing a custody battle and would like legal help, contact the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery. Allow the child custody lawyers in Lancaster County, PA to schedule your consultation appointment right away.

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