Do You Need Teeth Whitening in Charleston WV

Many may say that “appearance is everything”; whether or not this is true can be debated but, when it comes to personal appearance, one thing that is very true is that the appearance of our teeth plays a big part in how others see us. This probably defies logic but it is a fact that when we first see a stranger, it is their teeth that we often remember more than anything else. One way or another, it is difficult for many to form a favorable impression of someone with a mouth full of uneven, discolored or even rotting and missing teeth. If a person neglects such a basic thing as dental hygiene what other faults do they have?

Fortunately, advances in all fields of dentistry mean that none of us need to suffer bad teeth. True, some procedures can be expensive but, basic Teeth Whitening in Charleston, WV should be within the means of most pockets.

Assuming that we have no basic problems with teeth shape and condition (they are all there and in the correct place and reasonably evenly lined up), we can still have a smile problem. Those teeth have been with us since an early age and a lot of food, drink and, in some cases, nicotine has passed over or through them. Whether we brush once, twice or more per day, a buildup of coffee, tobacco, etc residue can still cling to our teeth until, eventually, they appear yellow, brown or otherwise discolored. A literal stain on our teeth becomes a virtual stain on our character. Instead of an attractive “pearly” white gleaming smile, we present a somewhat baleful yellow glare. Knowing this, we tend to keep a tight lipped appearance leading others to think us aloof or miserable.

The Solution is Within Your Grasp
A quick visit to the likes of Teeth Whitening Charleston WV can tell you if your stain can be removed by safe, chemical bleaching. Usually, most stains can be removed by bleaching and the process is simple and literally carried out “while you sleep”. Unlike commercial, “over the counter” teeth whiteners, your cosmetic dentist will provide you with a bleach tuned to your particular stain condition plus the applicator which your wear over your teeth for a few hours over the course of about a week, after which, no more stains.

As qualified Doctors of Dental Surgery, at Shalhoup & Feola Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provide a full range of preventative and cosmetic dentistry and can put the smile back on your face with their whitening procedures.