Do You Need Gas or Electric Water Heater Repair in Carrollton Ga?

Several factors are considered when choosing a new water heater. One must decide on the mode of energy, meaning gas or electric. People must choose the water heater size that matches the needs of the home or business. The owner must also think of the price and its energy efficiency, including costs associated with Water Heater Repair in Carrollton. Here are the pros and cons of the most popular models.

Electric water heater tank

This is a well-known and proven technology for many years. Although other technologies are changing, they are unlikely to do away with an electric water heater tank in the short term.

Advantages include:

  • The electric water heater tank offers high capacity.
  • This type of electric water heater is easy to install.
  • You can choose an electric water heater larger format to give you a larger pool of hot water.
  • Its capacity varies from 20 to 60 gallons.
  • Due to the low cost of using electricity in some areas, this system remains the least expensive.
  • Its effectiveness varies by model and brand.
  • Hot water is available in unlimited quantities.


  • Your water heater will stop working in case of power failure.
  • These models use more energy.

Gas water heater

This system can be very effective for a home. If a person already has or is considering converting the system to natural gas, the addition of a gas water heater can be a more favorable solution.


  • This boiler system offers high capacity.
  • A water heater with natural gas allows for a temperature recovery much faster than the electric water heater.
  • Most gas water heaters work even when there is a power failure.
  • This type of system allows long-term savings.
  • The maintenance of your water heater is easy.
  • At high volume, your gas water heater will heat your water more efficiently to meet your needs at a much more constant cost.
  • Hot water is available in unlimited quantities.


  • The installation cost is high.
  • It is necessary to have access to natural gas.
  • The location of the gas line can influence the cost of installation and Water Heater Repair in Carrollton.

Of course, there are a lot of areas that need reflection, generating costs that may be important. Plumbing experts are at your service to help you make the best decisions. Contact GoRapid Inc. to learn more.

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