Do You Need Contractor’s Insurance in Nassau County NY?

Are you a contractor in Nassau County? If so, you need to ensure that you are not overlooking the most important aspect of protecting your business. Contractor’s Insurance in Nassau County NY, is the best way to ensure that you are protected. Perhaps you are thinking that you are a careful and knowledgeable contractor. Do not let this sense of security make you think you are not prone to some type of accident or faulty installation occurring. If you have others working with you, there is even more reason to have this type of liability insurance.

Contractor’s Insurance also shows customers that you care about them and their patronage. You can even use this as a form of advertisement which will put property owners at ease. This shows that you are a legitimate business owner, too. After all, amateur contractors usually are not licensed. They likely cannot obtain insurance because of not having the proper credentials. Getting insurance proves to clients that you are a licensed professional they can trust.

Perhaps you have went a number of years without any customer complaints. Do not let this sway you into thinking that you can cancel your contractors insurance in Nassau County NY area. No one knows when an accident could occur. If you do not have insurance, your customers will likely try to come after you. This would put your business and possibly your personal assets in danger too. No matter how long you go without accidents or complaints, insurance is needed.

Some contractors make the expensive mistake of not having insurance because they want to cut their operating costs. Think of how much a lawsuit would cost you. There would be time you would need to take off from work. You would also have attorney fees. If you lose the case, you would have to pay the judgment against you out of pocket. These expenses can add up very quickly. By opting to have insurance, you ensure that you have a protective layer against lawsuits. Insurance companies have lawyers working for them, and property owners are usually in agreement to settle with a fair offer from insurance companies.

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