Do You Need an Expert Septic Tank Installation in Quakertown, PA?

A septic tank is an underground installed tank that stores sewerage. This waste material is broken down over time through bacterial and microbial action. The resulting sludge is then processed through a soak-away field in many cases. A septic tank represents one of the best ways to store and process human organic waste in the absence of a direct connection to mains sewerage. It is most common in remote habitations and rural areas.

Do You Need a New Septic Tank?

Over time, septic tanks will wear and break down. In many cases, septic tanks are so old that it is worthwhile to invest in a new septic tank installation. The last thing you want is for your septic tank system to break down due to its advancing age!

Before investing in a professional septic tank installation in Quakertown, PA, it’s important to know what kind of system should be installed. Many very old systems, including those that are over one hundred years old, have been superseded by new septic tank technology. Here are a few types of septic tank installation:

  • Concrete: Typically a single tank, these are the most affordable and are also the simplest in terms of technology and installation. Always ensure that a good concrete mix has been used and this tank will last for many decades of heavy use.
  • Aerobic: One of the most expensive septic systems, but also one of the most durable in terms of waste processing, these tanks use oxygen to speed up the decomposition of collected effluent. While some electricity is also used, as well as other connected tanks, the aerobic septic system represents a highly efficient method of processing organic waste.

Ensure That You Ask an Expert Team

Having a reliable septic system in place is crucial for those settlements and premises without a connection to the main sewerage line. Visit website for more information.

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