Do You Need an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Odenton?

A trip to an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Odenton is an expensive endeavor, yet one you may be required to undertake as a pet owner. There are obvious times when you need to take your pet in, such as when he/she has been hit by a car, has an open wound, or is having difficulty breathing. At other times, you may wonder if he/she can wait until their regular vet is open the following day. Here are some signs you need to take your pet in immediately.

1. If your dog’s temperature is higher than 102 degrees, take him/her in. For cats, the normal temperature range is 100.5 to 102 degrees. Any higher and a vet should be seen immediately.
2. When your pet begins crying loudly without pause, you need to see an emergency vet. This likely means he/she is suffering from severe pain. The animal may have no external symptoms, so the loud crying is a call for help, one that needs to be heeded.
3. In the event the abdomen appears to be bloated, you need to take your pet in. A bloated abdomen may be a sign of restricted blood flow or another type of abdominal issue and can result in death, if not treated promptly. Agitation and unexplained vomiting often accompany the bloating, but not always.
4. Any time your pet has a seizure, you need to take him/her in immediately. Doing so allows him/her to get the necessary treatment to prevent brain and/or nerve damage.
5. When the cat or dog develops an excessive and/or irregular cough, a trip to the emergency vet is necessary. This can be a sign of heart trouble or the animal may be having a problem with his/her trachea, so medical care is needed right away.
6. When the pet’s breathing changes and becomes labored or heavy, you need to take him/her in. There are many explanations for the change in breathing, including overheating or a respiratory infection. In some cases, the breathing may be the result of obesity or stress also, so don’t panic, but seek medical advice.

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