Do You Need An Auto Accident Attorney?

Do you need an auto accident attorney? The answer to that question is “maybe.” If you have been involved in a simple fender-bender, the damage was minimal and there were no injuries, there really is no need to hire an attorney. If the accident was more serious, then there is a very good chance that hiring Chicago auto accident attorneys will be in your favor.

Before you decide to settle your claim personally, consider the following.

* Is fault contested? If you are not in a position to prove beyond doubt that it was the driver of the other car that was the cause of the accident, you will lose your case and be awarded nothing. This is not something to take lightly, if there is going to be courtroom battle over fault you simply cannot afford not to be represented by the best Chicago accident attorneys.

* What out of pocket expenses have you incurred? If you’re out of pocket expenses were manageable, perhaps two or three thousand dollars, that might be acceptable. If your expenses were not 2 or 3,000 but 20 or 30,000 you should not handle the claim yourself. Only you can decide at what level the case becomes too big for you to handle.

* The extent of your injuries: if you suffered injuries that will be the cause of long term pain and suffering, you are looking at a potential large award; an attorney can get it for you.

* Is the case heading to court? There is no way that a layperson can understand and follow the rules of evidence and the rules of court. If your case is headed to court, you definitely need to hire Chicago auto accident attorneys. With a seasoned attorney in your corner you can be assured of having your rights protected and a good chance to win your case.

What is really boils down to is; the larger the case, the more resistance there will be from the at fault parties insurers. This is when you cannot afford not to have an attorney.

If you have been involved in an auto accident and you were injured or suffered considerable material loss, you should hire Chicago auto accident attorneys. You are invited to discuss your case with the Shea Law Group.

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