Do You Need a Tree Service to Remove Leaning Tree?

If you contact a contractor to remove a tree, it often has more to do with safety than any other reason. However, if over half of a tree is storm-damaged, you may need to get rid of it. A tree that has been injured to such a degree will normally continue to decline.

A Leaning Tree Is a Danger

Sometimes, you need to contact a tree service to get rid of a leaning tree. In this case, the tree’s roots may have weakened, causing the tree to lean. You especially have to worry if the tree is leaning towards a neighbor’s roof or your own home. Even if the tree is leaning towards an open space, it is still a safety hazard. A miscreant wind could blow the tree over directly onto a person or a car.

A tree service also needs to be contacted if a tree’s branches are scattered among the power lines. If ice from a winter storm causes the branches to break, the power lines will be affected as well. To reduce the risk of a power outage or a fire, it is better to have the tree removed altogether.

Do You Have a Tree that Has Grown Too Big?

According to specialists at Jose Martinez Tree Service, Inc., a tree should be removed if it no longer fits in its space. For example, the addition of a shed or a home extension can crowd the roots of a tree. If you have a tree on your property that is crunched between a shed and your home, you need to remove it as the roots can cause damage to your home’s foundation.

Call a tree service to come out to your property if a tree is diseased as well. Have it removed, even it if does not appear to be an immediate threat. This type of tree can easily blow over in a storm or affect the health of nearby trees. Never allow a diseased tree to die naturally. Have it removed before other problems ensue. You can also connect them on Facebook.