Do You Know When to See a Foot and Ankle Specialist?

The Woodlands, TX residents are lucky to live in an area with a wealth of resources, particularly medical ones. This master-planned area north of the Houston metropolitan area has some of the best doctors in the nation, including those in the field of podiatry. While your primary care physician is your first line of medical defense, do you know when it is the right time to see a specialist?

Many local pharmacies have over the counter treatments (OTC) for foot problems from corn pads and shoe inserts to nail clippers and fungal treatments. How do you know it is time to abandon your self-treatment options and seek out a foot and ankle specialist? The Woodlands, TX podiatrists have some basic guidelines to follow.

Blisters and Ingrown Nails

Luckily, most blisters can be handled at home, covering them with a sterile dressing once they have popped. If it gets infected, it’s time for a doctor. If you suspect that aching toe has an ingrown nail, do not try to treat it yourself. Many OTC remedies as well as trying to “dig” it out on your own can actually make matters worse. A foot and ankle specialist in The Woodlands, TX can remove the ingrown nail safely.

Fungus and Warts

Warts, especially plantar warts on the bottom of the feet, can be quite tough to treat on your own with home treatments from the drugstore. A podiatrist has better treatments and simple procedures that can help you lose the warts. For residents in The Woodlands, TX, a foot and ankle specialist is necessary when you have other health issues such as diabetes. As for fungal nails, there is no scientific basis that shows those old wives tales about vinegar and bleach working to kill the fungus actually works. However, a podiatrist can help with effective treatment options.

Injuries, Sprains and Strains

Rest, ice, compression and elevation, also known as the RICE treatment, is often the first thing to try for strains and sprains. Typically, swelling and pain goes down within a day or two. More persistent troubles requires a foot and ankle specialist. The Woodland, TX doctors will help determine if any bones or other structural damage has been done. Of course, these specialists are important for injuries and other health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, flat feet, neuropathy and more.

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