Do You Know the Differences in Metals Used for Wedding Rings?

Purchasing a diamond ring is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, but if you focus only on the style, cut and quality of the diamond, you are missing one of the most important factors in your purchase. The type of metal holding the diamond is the foundation of the ring and shouldn’t be overlooked in your selection process because a good foundation makes for a ring that lasts a lifetime. Here are some metal options to choose from when shopping for diamond wedding rings in Newport Beach, CA.

Stunning Silver

Silver is a precious metal that is popular for wedding rings because it is very affordable. It is also a stunning metal with a dusky grey sheen that enhances most gems.

Gorgeous Gold

A very popular metal for wedding rings, gold can be found in four colors. Gold is a very soft metal and must be mixed with other metals to enhance its durability.

Yellow gold contains silver and copper. Green gold includes silver. White gold is mixed with silver and palladium. Rose gold has copper added. Check out the colors when shopping for diamond wedding rings in Newport Beach, CA.

Pleasing Platinum

White in appearance and very hard, platinum is a more expensive metal because of its purity. A more dense metal than others on this list, platinum may feel heavier on the hand, but don’t let that stop your purchase because this is one metal that can be engraved with intricate designs to last for the life of the ring.

Tempting Titanium

Strong and light in weight, titanium is also 100 percent hypo-allergenic. It can be found in black, grey or silver.

Dazzling Ring

Armed with information about the metals available to you while searching for the perfect diamond wedding rings in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, CA, can make your quest much easier. Enjoy the search for your perfect ring.

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