Do You Know if Your Confidential Information Destruction Practices are Compliant?

Dealing with confidential information in the business world has become a very important and regulated responsibility and one which can require a number of man-hours. Depending on the industry, the destruction of certain pieces of information can be regulated by various government entities, corporate policies, and your particular industry’s “Best Practices” guidelines. There is even a great deal of variation from business to business regarding what constitutes confidential information. The entire process can very confusing as well as time-consuming. Do you know if your confidential information destruction practices are compliant? If you aren’t certain, you should consider taking advantage of the various services provided by a data destruction team.

There are services which will collect all of your business’ confidential information and haul it off to be destroyed, but that is the extent of their service. You have no way of knowing for certain what happens to all of that information, and you have to trust that you are destroying only the documents which require destruction. With an experienced data destruction company, they can help you design an effective and efficient procedure for dealing with sensitive information. They can determine what kind of information needs to be destroyed, based on the type of business you are in, how often it will need to be gathered for destruction, and what kind of documentation is required so that you have a record of what they destroy.

The most effective way to destroy documents which have sensitive information is to shred them. A reputable company can set up a schedule, based on your company’s needs, as to when they will come to your site to collect the document bins. The shredding can take place right on your company’s site, and you can verify the destruction via the use of a CCTV system. After the documents have been shredded, you will receive a certificate that verifies that the documents have been destroyed. The company doing the shredding can also verify that you are following any and all laws, rules, and guidelines pertinent to your specific business to ensure that you stay compliant. Do you know if your confidential information destruction practices are compliant? When you can answer that question with a confident “Yes”, you will be dealing with an experienced and competent team like Shred Confidential Inc. that can protect you and your company’s data.

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