Do Not Wait: Seek Professional Depression Therapy in Lakewood, CO

When you are suffering from depression, you can feel alone and hopeless. You may cope using different mechanisms such as overeating, using alcohol and/or drugs, undereating, and overworking yourself. Do you find yourself making excuses not to see friends or family? Are you spending more time isolating? Depression therapy in Lakewood, CO is an effective treatment to help you address the underlying issues rather than the symptoms.

Significant Weight Loss and Gain

Overeating causes weight gain. Undereating causes weight loss. Often, people who are suffering do not notice they are overeating or undereating, but they will notice the drastic changes on the scale. Gaining and losing weight quickly can cause significant health side effects. You may try and address the symptoms of eating. You may end up feeling worse when you cannot get your eating habits under control. Professionals administering depression therapy in Lakewood, CO will help you to address the root causes of your depression. Treating your depression will help you take control of your eating habits.

Do Not Mask Your Depression

Eating, working out, or drinking too much are all forms of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Unhealthy coping mechanisms mask your depression. They do not treat the problem and can worsen over time. If you are feeling hopeless, lost, sad, fatigue, worthless, irritable, and empty, depression therapy in Lakewood, CO can help you. Professionals will sit with you to develop a treatment plan, set goals, and achieve those goals. Professionals will help you work through your feelings and fill the emptiness with positive thoughts and behaviors.

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